Welcome to Susan Buffler’s garden blog. Head shot of Susan BufflerThis is not  really a “how to” blog. There are many out there.

Susan started this blog to process thoughts about how to garden in the high cold desert of northern Utah; what plants to use and how to arrange them in plant communities that would thrive in a short growing season with an average annual precipitation of 17.72 inches. And… to document change over time.

Susan is trained as a landscape architect and has taught a variety of courses in the Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning program at Utah State University and has been actively puttering in the garden for over twenty years.

Susan has become interested in how to create designed plant communities after discovering the native and water-wise plants movements and non-traditional planting designers and horticulturists.

Seth Godin says “you gotta ship”, so here goes.


Susan grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts, a community oriented to the ocean and Kensington, New Hampshire, a rural area with lots of opportunities for exploration.

Tidal pools, ancient cemeteries, narrow winding streets, organic accretion, swamps, fireflies, glow worms, tree forts, rope swings, and my Dad’s vegetable garden where it all started.