The Last Days of Summer

It sure has been a hot August. Records have been broken this summer. Mid-nineties this week. At least the days are shorter, the mornings and evenings cooler. The grass has crisped in areas with poor irrigation management.

The fall garden ends up being more about texture than color. I struggle with fall color and have been meaning to put in some Zauschneria for the last few years and for some reason have never gotten around to it. By the time I think of it, the garden centers are out of plants. I need to make a note on my calendar to look for them in the spring.

The nasturtiums struggle to even bloom this year. Even the vegetables are not doing that great. The Russian sage is starting to fade.  The deer eat the garden phlox the minute it blooms.

Sunflowers and false sunflowers continue to bloom. The goldfinches are back as the seeds start to set. A bit of purple globe thistle does better with some extra water.  The remnants of ornamental oregano still attract bees.


grass stalks in foreground and purple leaved sedum about to bloom in background

Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ about to bloom amid sideoats grama (Bouteloua curtipendula)

Rabbit brush, one of my favorite fall plants, about to bloom and attract bees galore.

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